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Application of NB-Iot

Broadmobi provides a reliable wireless module BM817C-M,which supports LTE eMTC/NB-IoT/EGSM communication standard; Bm817c-m has a powerful expansioncapability and various interfaces,including URAT,USB2.0,spi,I2c etc.

BM817C -m has a wide working temperature range, span from- 40 ℃to + 85 ℃, can be widely adapted to the harsh conditions of various application scenarios; 

Bm817c-m supports multiple network protocols (PAP, CHAP, PPP) and remote, wake up, etc., and these protocols and features can be applied to a variety of Internet of things and applications of M2M.


Application of NB-IOT

According to the survey of professionalorganizations, the market of IOT is expected to reach $11.1 trillion  before 2025,including following industries:public utilities,smart cities,health,transportation,intelligenthardware,environment,education,architecture,homeapplications.The connections ofNB - IoT's devices will reach 420 million, with a market size of $42 billion.Wireless communication Modules play a vital role in this, to provide a solid foundation for IOT.Embedded communication module will be utilized in more and more devices in the time of IoE.

Ssmart city

Smart city is a big topic, in fact it is closer to the people's livelihood, because of the demand for convenience, environmental protection, energy conservation and efficient management.

For example:

street light management

smart parking

Garbage control 

anti-theft of welllid

All these applications are close to the people's livelihood

The data shows that there are about 32 million street lights in China, while the intelligence rate is 1.5%, and the market potential is huge. Smart street lightscan save a lot of manpower and energy, and realize remote switch and detection.

Therefore, the NB-IOT module provides reliable data communicationsfor these infrastructures, and with the collaboration of cloud management, to realize the completedsolution.


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