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The MWC2013 world mobile communication conference, which will be held in Barcelona on February 25-28, 2013, is worth looking forward to!

What will be the latest trend in the fast-growing global mobile industry in 2013? Which new mobile technology will be the future? Facing the changes and challenges of the mobile industry, what kind of thinking and observation are the ceos of leading companies in the world? Who will win this year's Global Mobile Awards world Mobile communications Awards? What are the latest developments in China's 4G standard, td-lte?

The conference theme

The theme of this session is: The New Mobile Horizon "Mobile New Horizon". Through industry leaders meeting, mobile communication technology exhibition, App Planet application world center, mPowered Brands' mobile marketing activities, a series of mobile industry BBS and other activities to show the world people's life in the future will enter a new mobile.

A guest speaker

Meetings of the conference industry leaders include a number of thematic conferences and in-depth thematic meetings, and the most prominent people in the mobile industry and business leaders will give speeches to share insights and insights. Has confirmed that the guest has: the United States, President and CEO Randall Stephenson - AT&T, China mobile chairman xi guohua, CEO of deutsche telekom rennie - Mr Berman, Ericsson President Hans Vestberg, qualcomm chairman Paul jacobs, Dropbox, founder and CEO drew Houston, telecom italia group chairman and CEO of Franco Bernabe, Korea telecom CEO Suk - Chae Lee, nokia President and CEO Stephen elop, vodafone group chief executive vittorio - Mr.

The exhibition overview

On the area of 80000 square meters of new exhibition venues, participants can enjoy visit: embedded mobile devices, green technology, the mobile cloud, mobile medical, close range wireless communication and mobile payment, etc all kinds of mobile elements in the industry of exhibition. The world's leading 1, 500 innovative companies will showcase the most glamorous products, cutting-edge technologies, the latest solutions and services. Has confirmed to participate in the enterprise are Ericsson, alcatel-lucent, cisco, deutsche telekom, eBay, ford, Fujitsu, HTC, huawei, IBM, Intel, MOTOROLA, LG, MasterCard, NEC, nokia, NTT DOCOMO, oracle, Orange, qualcomm and samsung, SAP, sharp, SK telecom, SonyMobile, Telefonica, Visa, vodafone, and zte, etc.

Special events

In the App Planet, will bring together the best App global elite, participated the prospective exhibition, display products and services, social activities and seminars held the largest and most influential companies. Create an atmosphere of mutual incentive and innovation to promote the development of the App ecosystem. The partnership includes the nokia, samsung, WIP, OneAPI, Plantronics and the online alliance for the promotion of connected cars.

NFC interactive experience

For the first time, the MWC2013 conference introduced the all-day NFC interactive experience. NFC services will be available throughout the venue and Barcelona. A large number of NFC experience areas will be assigned to local corridors, entrances, green areas and exhibition halls. Even NFC contact deployment will also be at the airport, the hotel entrance guard, selected restaurant order system, tourism and other places of consumption, by reading the NFC tags, people will be able to get a discount to the congress, conference information, APP, and other related information. The application of NFC will enrich the whole exhibition site. It is believed that the participants will have a personal understanding of the NFC experience and truly enhance the specifications and values of the world mobile communications conference.

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