China telecom guangzhou secret test FDD LTE China 4G camp expanded
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On November 9, media sources said that China telecom had begun secretly testing the FDD LTE test network in guangzhou three months ago. The move means China mobile and China telecom have entered the 4G market.

It is understood that the world's major equipment manufacturers arrived in guangzhou three months ago to build a free test network for China telecom's FDD LTE test network. However, sohu IT understands that the test network of China telecom FDD LTE is not very large. The test did not release the information to the media and was in a secret test phase.

The move comes after China telecom entered the 4G camp and is likely to run td-lte. But China telecom seems not to be interested. In Hong Kong in late August, China telecom chairman wang xiaochu said in an interview with the media, "China telecom has not, so far with related department for 4 g licences to make any use of spectrum and the time of discussion".

Reported that in March 2012, wang xiaochu said, pay attention to the rival China mobile has started the development of 4 g, China telecom will actively tracking at the same time in the development of 3 g 4 g technology change and maturity, there is temporarily no 4 g licenses, China telecom will be carried out in accordance with the regulatory policy program, but China telecom has yet to make any discussion on the development of 4 g.

Previously, a top China mobile had put forward "five don't want to" and "five hopes", means don't want only by the individual operators, the td-scdma LTE and hope and FDD LTE as to become the world's most operators. In addition, td-lte spectrum will be as high as 190 MHz according to the ministry of industry and information technology. Td-lte spectrum is likely to be adopted by China telecom.

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