The TDIA group was featured in the 2013 world mobile communications conference
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"Mobile World Congress 2013" (MWC2013) was held in Barcelona, Spain on February 28, 2013. The TD industry alliance has set up a "td-lte exhibition area" in MWC2013 no. 6.

The exhibition area combines the "td-lte chips" provided by 11 global chip companies. In addition, td-lte intelligent terminals and td-lte MIFI, CPE, data card, notebook and other terminal products of huawei, sharp, NSN, samsung, HTC and happy electronics are also displayed. In the face of the many international brands of TD products, China's domestic enterprises, bailifeng, with fashionable product design and innovative practical functions, attracted the audience's attention. Beijing and guosen showed the latest technologies and products covering both internal and external coverage of td-scdma/td-lte. Comba company demonstrates td-scdma flat structure at the scene of leading solution - "td-scdma Small Cell", through the IP connection, td-scdma and transmission signal and the signal of WLAN applications, td-scdma mobile phone around the booth by Small Cell phone.

Td-scdma industry alliance will be released on February 26 in Barcelona three English report: "the td-scdma LTE industry development report (2012), the TDD global spectrum planning report (2012) and" td-scdma LTE global supplier list "(2012). These three reports can be downloaded directly from the TDIA website.

As the dominant technology in the era of mobile broadband, td-lte has not only become an international standard, but has been widely recognized by international manufacturing and operation industries. In international industry including TDIA tongren joint efforts of the td-scdma LTE development into the fast lane, as of the end of December 2012, has been Saudi Arabia, Japan, Brazil, Britain, India, Australia, Poland, Oman, Russia and other countries of the operators opened 14 commercial td-scdma LTE services, global commercial contract signed a total of 44 td-scdma LTE, has opened the td-scdma LTE experiment network of more than 63.

At present, TDIA has developed into an important platform for the promotion and industry promotion of TD market. MWC is hosted by the GSM association and is the world's most influential mobile communications industry exhibition. In 2012, there were more than 1,500 well-known enterprises from all over the world. The audience included more than 67,000 senior executives from 205 countries and regions, as well as more than 2,900 journalists from 82 countries. The TDIA group at world mobile congress again, to show the td-scdma LTE international industry chain of the overall development achievements and latest development situation of overseas market, the td-scdma LTE attract the government officials, international operators, such as telecommunication industry manufacturers focus on td-scdma LTE.

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