2014 MWC opens on February 24 - the mobile phone industry's ecological change
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2014 MWC opens on February 24 - the mobile phone industry's ecological change

There will be 10 themed events during the exhibition, including the iconic MWC theme activity.

Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC) opened in Barcelona, Spain, on February 24, 2014. MWC has always been in the vanguard of its content, and its technology is remarkable, and every MWC is regarded as a bellwether for the industry. What new trends will it bring this year?

So far, the MWC has held 14 sessions. Review past trends, from 2008 when the rise of global smartphone, you will find around the hardware of mobile phone communication technology innovation is step by step, to the application integration communication soft services such as infiltration. This feature is even more pronounced in today's global 3G transition.

It is understood that 10 theme activities will be held during the exhibition, including the iconic MWC theme activities. In addition, the conference will also for enterprise transformation, interconnection, data analysis, communications in the future life, intelligent network, mobile e-commerce and payment, mobile identification and privacy and network optimization, network economics topics for further discussion.

The telecoms industry is looking for new space

From the point of industrial chain of the upper, all telecom operators and telecom equipment manufacturers have realised that the traditional telecommunication market growth space has been shrinking, find new market opportunities and growth under the mobile Internet space, is the proposition of the MWC. 4 g, the Internet of things, cloud computing is the telecommunications industry has the extremely high expectations, and behind these technical concepts, basis of bearing industry future development actually lies in mobile broadband, Internet of things and cloud computing data center.

Data from infoma, a market-research firm, shows that the number of mobile Internet users in the world has tripled since 2007, three times the number of fixed Internet users. In China, for example, mobile phone users have reached nearly 500 million, and mobile Internet access traffic increased 62.6 percent last year.

The era of big data is really coming. Such as Harvard University sociology professor Gary king once said, "this is a revolution, huge data resources makes fields began the process of quantification and whether academic, business or government, all areas will start this process."

At this session, global operators and equipment makers will be debating this proposition. Such as American telecom chief executive Daniel Hajj, KDDI ono, chairman of the board of the temple is, SK Planet, President and chief executive of Jinwoo So as well as the President of the China mobile (weibo) Mr Li is a "mobile operators: the new development strategy of" this one theme to illustrate the present their respective development strategy in the future.

When it comes to specific application level, based on the general assembly last year NFC Badge on the base of successful, Bouygues Telecom (Bouygues Telecom), India's Bharti Airtel (Bharti Airtel), Dialog, Du, emirates telecommunications (Etisalat), South Korea Telecom (KT Corp), France Telecom (Orange), and the Australian telecommunications Tata (Telstra) customers can through participating in an experiment, using their mobile operators to confirm your identity certificate, so as to further simplify the process of them into the world conference on mobile communications.

It can be predicted that future big data, cloud computing and other businesses will become the new market space and growth point of operators. But as 4G penetration increases globally, 4G networks will become increasingly congested, affecting network quality. It is not hard to see, when mobile users are increasing demand, the present large data flow, global operators need to do is do next intelligent high-quality communication pipeline network at the same time, further enhance the application of the user experience.

Hardware manufacturers pay more attention to ecological services

In terms of mobile phone terminals, thousands of companies will launch a wide range of similar phones this year. The once-competitive market has become a herd. In addition to these changes, there is competition for differentiation in mobile applications.

Consumers have a direct correlation with the quality and performance of their applications on their devices. Remember that on MWC in 2009, hutchison's INQ INQ1 was the world's first social phone, integrating services such as Facebook, eBay, Windows Live Messenger and Skype. Since then, the combination of smart phones and mobile Internet has been launched. In the days since, many mobile phone manufacturers have begun to focus on application development and experience while optimizing hardware.

At this year's fair, the focus of mobile phone manufacturers is on samsung and nokia. An attempt to "break" the shackles of Google (weibo) Android, the first attempt to "reverse the attack" back into the mobile phone power camp. Both are working very hard.

Samsung, for example, has been investing heavily in this because it has been so successful in hardware that it has always been "unable to lift its head". Samsung President and CFO lee sang-hoon has previously said: "is from hardware to software industry development, to that end, we will recruit more software professionals to strengthen the software platform and design, and through the global research and development center to solve the specific needs of the local." The new samsung Tizen system, or the best verification of this, will be unveiled.

From the point of various signs, nokia to launch its first android smartphone is settled, to the outside world, compared to focus on why turned to android, nokia launched its in the application layer of the layout is perhaps the biggest reason. Learned, nokia android phones will not have some features of the development of Google, nor from the Google Play store to download android applications, but with developed by nokia and Microsoft digital services, including map service Here, streaming music service MixRadio and a nokia app store.

Of course there's Microsoft's advantage, Bing search and Skype. While Bing isn't the most popular search app for android phones, it has already been downloaded more than a million times in the Google Play store and Skype is even more useful. It would be nice to see nokia's android phone pre-installed as a way to boost Microsoft's mobile stickiness if it does not affect profits. The device, which runs on Android, has enough shipments in the world.

In a word, the mobile Internet's blue sea market has been directed by hardware to ecosystem and more personalized application services.

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