3GPP officially identifies LTE-Advanced Pro as the new LTE standard name
Username:Admin Release Date:2017-07-13

At the 35th meeting of the PCG(Project Coordination Group), which ended on October 22nd, 3GPP officially named the new LTE standard as LTE-Advanced Pro. This is the official naming of 4.5G on the standard. This new brand name is another definition of LTE system evolution after 3GPP is the LTE-Advanced standard for LTE.

LTE-Advanced has greatly promoted the rapid development of the entire wireless industry in the past three years. By September 2015, the world had completed 95 LTE-Advanced networks, and a third of LTE terminals supported LTE- Advanced. Operators' input costs at each megabits per Megabyte rate have been greatly reduced, and the development of the industry has resulted in the continuous improvement of user experience. In the next few years, with the development of new businesses such as 2K/4K hd video and virtual reality, users will be more and more demanding of network capacity and experience. In addition, the emergence and emergence of new businesses in vertical industries such as cellular mobile Internet, car-car communication and broadband cluster communication will also pose a great challenge to the existing network.

It is widely believed that LTE networks need to evolve further before 5G arrives, thus maximizing the value of the existing network and opening up more business opportunities. In 2013 to put forward the concept of 4.5 G LTE evolution oriented, and for the first time in October 2014, released the 4.5 G development goal and key technical progress innovation, defines the 4.5 G LTE is the direction and goal of the evolution of the next system caused the industry wide attention and recognition. Huawei defines 4.5G from LTE Release 13 and plans for 2016 commercial 4.5G technology. In the industry, huawei has actively cooperated with operators and partners to verify the feasibility and gain of the technology, and has conducted a large number of business exploration with the vertical industry sector.

3 GPP in PCG# 31 October 2013 meeting decided to start the new LTE standard the discussion of the brand name, on April 28, 2015 formal PCG# 34 the meeting agreed to introduce a new brand of LTE as following LTE - Advanced LTE and evolution of a system, after more than half a year to discuss, PCG# 35 meeting will ultimately determine the LTE new standard brand name officially named LTE - the Advanced Pro. The LTE-Advanced Pro includes the content of the standardized LTE Release 13 and subsequent versions, with the main features of LAA (content-assisted Access), 3D/fd-mimo (FD, Full Dimension), nb-iot (Narrow Band Internet of Things), Massive Carrier Aggregation, Latency Reduction, Downlink Multiuser Superposition Transmission and sc-ptm (Single cell-point to multi-point).

LTE-Advanced Pro will improve user rate, improve user experience, expand vertical application, and enable LTE network to embrace unlimited possibilities and build a better connectivity world.

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