China mobile td-lte will launch its 4G era in Hong Kong next month
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When people are still swimming in 3G, the 4G wave is creeping closer, and it will have more impact than 3G.

According to tencent technology learned from reliable sources that dominated by China's td-scdma LTE 4 g mobile communication international standard surgery in Hong Kong next month to take the lead in the commercial, the network LTE TDD/FDD fusion network, early operation will provide high speed mobile data services. The commercial of td-lte in Hong Kong is the first dual-mode LTE network in the asia-pacific region, which also means China will officially open the beginning of the 4G era.

Td-lte Hong Kong commercial beginning

China mobile has been the dominant player in the country's td-lte technology. As early as the beginning of this year, China mobile began to plan for the LTE TDD/FDD integration network in Hong Kong. The first is the acquisition of spectrum, so in February, China mobile paid hk $170 million to acquire the TDD frequency band of 30MHz of 2330mhz-2360mhz in Hong Kong.

Then on April 25, China mobile Hong Kong limited announced that it would officially launch 4G services in Hong Kong, providing customers with high-speed mobile data services with a maximum download rate of 100 MBPS. There was also a 4G related contract package. Lin zhenhui, chairman of China mobile Hong Kong, said at the time that the launch was a "LTE model" for the FDD and that it plans to launch a td-lte system by the end of this year. (in February 2009, China mobile Hong Kong won the fdd-lte spectrum)

As the operator with LTE TDD and FDD at the same time, building an LTE dual-mode fusion network is the most natural choice.

In the months since, China mobile launched the FDD LTE mobile data business in Hong Kong, and the td-lte network was launched under the ITU 3GPP standard, which complements the existing FDD LTE network. On July 19, China mobile td-scdma LTE project officially landed in Hong Kong, in the contractor's equipment tendering, zte, Ericsson, in the form of a 50% share of China mobile in the Hong Kong construction FDD LTE and seamless network dual fusion, the td-scdma LTE base station early number about 1000.

After that, China mobile began to organize the equipment business, the chipmaker to start the network test. This month, zte, Ericsson, and creative video together completed the industry's redirection test of td-lte/LTE FDD on commercial networks, removing the last hurdle for Hong Kong's first commercial td-lte/LTEFDD dual-mode network.

Next month, according to tencent technology from the aspects of Hong Kong people learn about 18, China mobile Hong Kong co., LTD., will announce the td-scdma LTE official commercial, early and FDD LTE standard commercial is the same, only provides high speed mobile data services, the user voice calls, text messages, and other functions are still rely on the existing 2 g and 3 g network.

LTE network coverage, according to the China mobile Hong Kong company construction plan, by the end of this year, 4 g LTE network outdoor coverage up to 100% of the existing GSM network coverage level, indoor coverage can reach 80%.

In terms of terminal, the 4G terminals listed in Hong Kong include mobile phone, Internet card and wireless Internet cat (MiFi terminal). Among them, the phones are mainly samsung, HTC and LG, such as samsung galaxy s II LTE, HTC One XL LTE and LG Optimus True HD LTE. The other two terminals are mainly huawei and zte. But most terminals support only FDD LTE, and there are relatively few support for dual-mode LTE.

Tencent technology also understands from huawei, zte, at present has been launched to support dual mode of LTE cat card and wireless Internet access, such as huawei multimode mot E398 card, zte multimode MF820S2 card and cat MF91S Internet access, the product is listed in Hong Kong.

According to the Hong Kong people, China mobile Hong Kong company has prepared the relevant terminal, after td-lte is officially commercial, it will launch the relevant data set business, and it is still in the works. Before FDD LTE was commercially available in Hong Kong, there were a total of 188 hk $500MB, 298 hk $1GB and 398 hk $398 unlimited plans. And the package can be Shared between Hong Kong and the mainland. The data flow of Hong Kong users roaming the mainland can be included in the package. The td-lte package will likely follow FDD LTE mode.

Benchmarking against the mainland

Hong Kong's td-lte commercial is China mobile's first commercial td-lte network, which has a strong demonstration effect on the much-anticipated td-lte scale test in mainland China.

At present, there are four operators began operations in Hong Kong, 4 g, China mobile, CSL mobile (Hong Kong), PCCW (PCCW) and 3 hk (hutchison telecom, operators), and three different is that after China mobile operating a Zhang Shuangmo 4 g network, namely the LTE TDD/FDD integration services.

Technically, such as streaming media, interactive Web downward flow occupies absolute advantage of 4 g era, TDD high-capacity, asymmetric advantage will gradually appear, especially in the case of FDD resources increasingly tense, promote LTE TDD/FDD fusion network will become the inevitable trend.

Globally, LTE TDD/FDD fusion networking has become an important evolutionary direction for mobile broadband worldwide. It is understood that Hi3G has deployed and commercialised TDD/FDD LTE integration network in Sweden and Denmark. Japan's softbank launched its FDD LTE commercial network at the end of September on the basis of commercial td-lte. European companies such as Vodafone and e-plus also have TDD and FDD frequencies, and a fusion testing network has been launched.

For China mobile, td-lte is the first commercial in Hong Kong to promote the use of td-lte as soon as possible. Due to the uncertainty of the LTE licence in the mainland market, China mobile must demonstrate that td-lte's technology and market maturity and its operational capabilities are in place.

And Hong Kong and the mainland on the communication network service operating system of the process is different, is not restricted by license, as long as have the qualification of legal bid to the spectrum of listed companies, related network set up and ready to support terminal products, provide services announced.

A Hong Kong analyst for tencent technology said, "China mobile Hong Kong commercial td-scdma LTE, end products, the application must be related with the, this is the most obvious value, is also the fastest response to market segment, to be the first time to mainland release a positive signal."

Second, in the 3G era of td-scdma, China mobile is trying to get out of 3G by td-lte because of its poor management and lack of good reputation in the industry.

And the time left to move is already very urgent. Previously operating data showed that China mobile's share of the 3G market had fallen to 38 per cent, compared with 45 per cent last year. Analysts have pointed out that China mobile's 3G market share will likely continue to fall, leading to a decline in ARPU values and margins, before td-lte commercial services. Because of this, the td-lte commercial in Hong Kong must succeed.

Also, China mobile hopes to become a mainstream operator in Hong Kong. In the past, when mobile commercial FDD LTE, it was introduced that the local giants such as CSL, digital access and other local giants, such as the unlimited online package of hk $398 and free of the mainland roaming fees, have already complained.

Lam chan huy had also said in an interview with the media, the company currently USES the radical market competition strategy, the purpose is to in the fierce competition and a user sophisticated taste of Hong Kong market, make more successful experience.

China mobile's determination to make td-lte look promising. Ouvm predicts that by 2016, td-lte will account for 25% of all LTE connections, while Infonetics 2012Q1 reports that TDD and FDD account for nearly 70% of total device sales by 2016.

Ubs said it had reached a tacit understanding with the authorities that it would be able to implement pre-commercial applications by expanding scale tests before licences were issued. However, China mobile chose to take the lead in the market competition for the td-lte commercial network, as a test field to explore the operation of td-lte, and also a teaser for td-lte on a large scale. Another key word in the trailer, FDD/TDD fusion, is seen as significant.

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